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Bolt Mobile plans are smart because they give you the most reliable nationwide coverage at the lowest cost, and the freedom of no contract , no credit check and no deposit.

The main benefit of going with Bolt-Mobile prepaid service is that it’s around half the price than the conventional postpaid service plans. However, before you switch a prepaid wireless provider do yourself a favor and use a company who specializes in wireless prepaid service like Bolt Mobile. If you buy your service at a big box store you are going to face limited product knowledge, long hold times and offshore support.

Bolt Mobile is an American owned and operated company who sells wireless service on both of America’s largest wireless networks for half the cost of traditional contract plans. We maintain a fully staffed retail sales office in Helena, MT and service customers in Montana and 28 other states.

In fact, using Bolt Mobile instead of other leading carriers can easily save you hundreds of dollars per year. No contracts, no deposits and you can even use your own phone in most cases! Bring your phone and number to Bolt-Mobile and save big!


Bolt Mobile customers get more for their money, and that’s very smart. Like the largest and most reliable wireless networks in the country. Or a variety of plans that consistently offer more value than other providers. Or the flexibility to customize any plan by adding extra minutes, texts, or data. Know you are dealing with experts in the wireless business with Bolt Mobile!


But one thing Bolt Mobile customers don’t get more of is surprises. With our prepaid service, you’ll never get a bill. If you use your allotment of data for the month your minutes/texts/wifi still works. What that means to you is no surprise data charges for hundreds of dollars when someone is careless with their usage.


Because you only pay for what you need, Bolt Mobile puts you in total control of your budget. Buy just the right amount for yourself and for each member of your family. That’s a lot smarter than being locked in a long‐term contract that either forces you into expensive overage charges, or makes you buy more than you want. At Bolt Mobile, if you use all of your minutes or your balance reaches zero, you simply add more to your account.

What is the best way to contact Bolt Mobile?

Due to our store traffic and call volume the most effective way to contact us is through email

How do I replenish the balance on my account?

If you purchase your plan from another vendor we are effectively “locked out” of being able to assist you with your service.
There are three ways to check and replenish your Bolt Mobile account balance:

  1. Visit and purchase the preferred plan
  2. Visit us at our retail store
  3. Email us at
Can I set up an automatic credit card payment with Bolt Mobile?

YES. Never run out of service again! Simply send us an email at and we will email you the Auto Pay form.

What is the fastest way to load my plan?

1. The fastest way to renew your plan is to enroll in our Auto Pay program. Send us an email at .
2. You also have the option of purchasing plans from the displayed plans on our website. When this purchase is finalized we receive an email to manually load your plan. Most plans are loaded within 30 minutes.

My credit card payment was declined. Why is there a charge on my credit card account if it was rejected?

Payments may be rejected for a number of reasons. Bolt Mobile will not receive any funds when our payment processor rejects a payment. When a payment is rejected, funds are typically placed on hold or reserved for the attempted payment, even though the payment ultimately will not be accepted. This practice, often referred to as a “pre‐authorization hold,” is a standard practice of the credit industry. Any “pre‐authorization hold” will eventually be returned to your credit account, however the timeframe for the return of the reserved funds is entirely at the control of the issuing financial institution. Bolt Mobile has no control over the return of the reserved funds. You can contact your issuing financial institution regarding the timeframe for the return of reserved funds.

Can I stack multiple monthly PINs on my account?

Yes, you can load multiple (“stack”) renewal PINs onto your account for your monthly plan. Stacked PINs will remain in a “reserved” state on your account, and one will automatically apply each month on your renewal date. Stacked PINs are applied on a first‐in, first‐out basis.

What will happen to my monthly plan if I change my phone number?

Nothing. If you decide to change your phone number, you can do so without any interruption to your monthly plan. The remaining voice minutes, text/MMS messages and data in your plan at the time of your phone number change will all still be there after you change your number, and your expiration date will also remain the same.

Can I load multiple PINs on my account before the renewal date?

Yes, you can load multiple PINs on your account before the renewal date. Your PINs will be considered ‘stacked’. They will sit in a reserved state until they are needed and will be used in a first‐in, first‐out basis when renewing the plan each month. Note that this applies to stacking PINs for renewing the same plan as you are currently on. Please be aware that if you upgrade to a higher plan than what you are currently on, this is considered an upgrade, and applying a PIN for a higher plan will switch your account to the higher plan immediately, rather than stacking on the account.

What happens if I lose my PIN?

If you purchased the PIN through our website, we already have that record. Unfortunately, in most other cases, we will not be able to recover lost PINs. If you purchase your plan through another vendor we are denied access by the carrier to resolve any account issues that may arise.

Why does my balance disappear when I change to a new rate plan (i.e. Unlimited Talk n Text)?

In order to move your phone to a new rate plan, it is first necessary to take your account balance to zero. We store your account balance and execute the move to the new rate plan. Once you are established on the new rate plan, your balance is restored. The process can take up to two minutes to complete. Checking your balance during this period can make it appear your account balance is zero. Be assured, we carefully track the balances to make sure they are properly restored.

How do I change an ESN on my account from one to another?

To change an ESN on your account from one to another, please either visit our store or send us an email at and we will assist you with the process.

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